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Investment Process

Knowing Our Clients

The foundation for our long-term client relationship success starts prior to making a single investment. Although all firms want to collect information about your existing assets, we take a slightly different approach.

Your assets tell us what you have. But they don’t tell us what you believe and where you want to go. So, we try to go a little deeper. We ask and listen to what freedom means to you.

And we always ask, what if?

We cycle back during reviews and conversations to see how your views change over time. Advisors. More than financial advisors.

Our Investment Process

Once we complete our initial data inquiry, we work with clients to establish an investment process geared to their individual situation, goals, and risk profile. Just as no two people are alike, neither are two investment strategies that we create. We follow a disciplined multi-step process to effectively manage and review our investment strategies. With a focus on understanding your life and goals, our approach is centered around a cyclical reiterative process. Key to this approach is sharing information together on a regular basis. Just as markets change, so do personal life situations. We are equipped to help you navigate these changes.

  1. Portfolio Construction

  2. Due Diligence & Research

  3. Portfolio & Investment Monitoring