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Our Investment Process: Step Three

Portfolio & Investment Monitoring

We proactively monitor our portfolios and individual investments on an ongoing basis. Specifically, we want to make sure our investment strategies are consistent with each client’s goals, tax considerations and most importantly, risk tolerance.

Our portfolio monitoring process starts with an evaluation of each asset class weighting. Next, we consider rebalance decisions based on current market conditions and future expectations. From here, we monitor specific investments by participating on firm/manager conference calls, attending due diligence events, onsite and offsite firm visits, meetings with managers, and regular review of literature and research regarding individual investments and strategies.

Our next step is to proactively monitor the performance of our investments relative to their benchmark and peer group in order to better understand how and why the returns were achieved. If an investment has deviated from its stated objective or performed out of line with expectations, it will be reviewed to determine a course of action.

Lastly, we continuously seek out better investment opportunities to potentially increase portfolio returns or more effectively manage risk.

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