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Our Investment Process: Step Two

Investment Due Diligence & Research

When evaluating an investment opportunity, we develop a macro view of the specific asset class, utilize a combination of fundamental and technical research and assess current investor sentiment at the time.  Additionally, we use qualitative and quantitative factors to assist in the selection of our highest conviction ideas.

The qualitative factors include due diligence into a firm’s background, resources available, fiduciary standards and overall investment philosophy. When investing in actively managed investments, we focus on the investment manager’s tenure, previous experience, and stability of his/her investment team. In addition, we strive to have a deep understanding of the manager’s research process, investment strategy/discipline, decision making process, general market outlook, and return objective over a full market cycle or specific period of time.

The quantitative factors include using returns and holdings based analysis to determine how and why an investment achieved its returns during associated market conditions. We assess the cost and tax efficiency of each strategy based on its individual style and asset class. Finally, we place emphasis on the amount of money each manger has invested in his/her own fund.

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