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Fiduciary Consulting

Unbiased Expertise From 401k Fiduciaries

How has your 401k plan been performing? Are you paying commissions? What other fees are you paying? Are you legally liable? Are you ready for the new DOL fee disclosure rules?

As an employer, you are constantly facing a number of questions regarding your retirement plan. At Southbridge Advisors, we can answer these questions. Whether you need help evaluating your current plan, want to improve your current plan, or want to make a change to a new plan, Southbridge Advisors offers unbiased fiduciary services. Our consultative process delivers:

FRAME℠ - Fiduciary Responsibility and Management Evaluation Report

Our proprietary FRAME℠ report will peer group benchmark services and costs, while also uncovering hidden fees, revenue sharing, conflicts of interest, and fiduciary risks associated with your current plan. A comprehensive process, FRAME℠ delivers the information you need to drive change – reducing your costs, enhancing employee results, and mitigating risk.

Investment Lineup Review

As a plan sponsor, you must justify your investment lineup using a fiduciary process for investment selection and monitoring. If you are relying on your vendor or broker who is serving in a non-fiduciary capacity for this function, you are accepting risk and liability. Southbridge Advisors utilizes a high-level Global Fiduciary Standards of Excellence process, consistent with an ISO 9000 quality management standard as specified by fi360, a leader in fiduciary processes. Working with us, you receive the benefit of a third-party, unbiased verification of your investment lineup.

403b and Pension Consulting

403b ERISA plan rules require the same level of fiduciary responsibility as a 401k plan. Our 403b Fiduciary Review will establish ERISA shortfalls and identify cost savings - a necessity for non-profit organizations of all sizes. Whether you need help evaluating your current plan or want to establish a new plan, we can help. We offer:

  • Full service retirement plan management
  • Complete DOL 408(b)2 compliance
  • Fiduciary consulting
  • Benchmarking
  • Service from Registered Investment Advisors (not brokers)
  • Participant financial planning advice by Certified Financial Planner™ professionals
  • Best-in-class investment options with industry leading custodians and record-keepers
  • Advanced plan enrollment, education, and videos
  • Simplified administration processes, including automated payroll submission
  • Full transparency in costs, with no commissions or hidden revenue