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Corporate Retirement Plans

The Fiduciary Advisor – The 401k Game Changer

With the passage of the new US Department of Labor rules that fundamentally change the way 401k service providers disclose fees and conflicts, now is the perfect time for a 401k plan review to assess the ROI of your plan... and your plan broker.

Southbridge Advisors understands the importance of a well-managed 401k. Through Our dedicated division, 401k ProAdvisor, we focus exclusively on retirement plans – providing conflict-free services for plans and participants, hi-quality investment line-ups, robust technology, and lower costs. We act as a fiduciary, which means we represent your interests and your interests only.

Did you know?

  • Your plan service provider was required to disclose all fees to you by July 1, 2012.
  • You are required to disclose those fees to employees by August 30, 2012.
  • Participant statements much show fee deductions by November 13, 2012, then annually thereafter.
  • You may be personally liable if your 401k plan does not follow the new regulations.

The Fiduciary Investment Advisors at 401k ProAdvisor can make a good plan better by providing more transparency, better options and less risk while helping companies to offload the legal liability associated with many 401k programs. Contact us for a plan review or to learn more.

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