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Group Benefits

Take Care of Your Talent

With almost 20 years of experience, we design and implement custom benefits programs products for companies ranging from 1 to over 500 employees. Products and services include:

  • Medical, dental and vision – Core employee coverage through a variety of plans and carriers.
  • Disability – Short-term and long-term options with incentives for a shorter, safer return to work.
  • Life – Accidents happen. Protect employees and their families against loss.
  • Retirement Plans – Visit our 401k subsidiaries page, 401k ProAdvisor.
  • Voluntary Benefits – Additional insurance options, and even education assistance programs, help you attract more talented employees while managing costs.

Benefitting from Our Independence

Since we're not beholden to any insurance or investment company, our benefit programs benefit you and your employees, not some third-party. You will have full insight into all costs and fees, so you can offer your employees the best coverages while minimizing your company's expenses. Contact us for a complementary benefit program analysis.

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