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Planning Discussions - Diving Deeper Into Planning

Wealth & Pension Services Group
Jane Nowak, CFP® CDFA


It’s Not Just About the Numbers - Getting to the Heart of Good Financial Planning

Surprisingly, clients often get much more from our financial planning engagement than they ever expected. Most financial planning and divorce financial planning clients come to me expecting a written plan and ideas for reaching their financial goals. And, they definitely do leave or meeting with a written financial plan or divorce financial solutions.

The fact is that, the numbers are always just the numbers. But, financial planning numbers are always colored by the hopes, dreams, expectations and life experience of each individual client. Whether clients leave with the challenges of doing more with less or the enviable position of being able to do more with more, each person leaves knowing where they are in relation their attaining their financial dreams.

It never ceases to delight me when I see how creative my clients can be when fashioning their own ‘best financial life‘ by starting with the quantitative information that a financial plan provides them. For the majority of us, it’s not about the money. It is about our personal vision of money and the benefits that the two words ‘financial security’ mean to each of us. Financial Planning provides a baseline and a basis for creating our own ‘financial best life’ starting right now. Ready, set, go!