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Investment Management - Part One

Investment Management

Our Investment Management service includes building a custom portfolio based on your goals, needs and time frame, and covers the day-to-day oversight of your investments. We use a combination of account types and strategies to meet your unique needs. By conducting our own research, we can employ a wide range of investments to help meet your objectives, including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, unit investment trusts, and alternative assets.

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Custom Strategy Development

  • Personal Profile - Includes your individual investment needs and objectives, time horizon, and preferences and attitude toward investing.
  • Investment Policy - Matches your needs for accumulation, income distribution, or perseveration with the appropriate investment strategy.
  • Asset Allocation Plan - Maximizes your investment returns relative to your need for safety through careful and custom diversification.

Comprehensive Account Management

  • Research - We don’t follow the herd. We do our own research, using a variety of independent sources. Our Investment Committee provides a framework for monthly asset decisions and screens investments against a myriad of data points.
  • Ongoing Management - Your investment portfolio is carefully monitored on a continual basis ensuring it remains consistent with often changing needs and goals.
  • Discretionary or Non-Discretionary Trading - All trades are handled by an experienced and licensed trader.
  • Rebalancing - To help make sure your portfolio stays within your objectives, rebalancing when appropriate based on market conditions and risk.
  • Tax Management - Increasing tax efficiency by putting the right assets in the right accounts, harvesting losses, and taking gains in an effective manner.

Communicating Progress and Changes

  • Reporting - Our reports provide a complete view of your entire portfolio relative to industry benchmarks. We include not only the assets we manage for you but your other assets as well, allowing us to provide seamless recommendations which take your complete financial picture into consideration.
  • Review - Our thorough account review will highlight areas of concern and opportunity. We will integrate the addition of additional savings and distribution needs to your plan as well as tax considerations.
  • Recommendations and Execution - We provide updated allocations and strategic recommendations and then execute them on your behalf.

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