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Institutional Accounts

Investment Consulting Services

Investment Consulting Services (ICS) is a comprehensive, personalized investment management program designed to help institutions and high-net-worth individuals manage their assets using an endowment model. The endowment model follows an institutional level of diversification and process, using core and alternative investments along with long-term planning.

Customized Investment Portfolios, Active Professional Management, Greater Transparency

In our role as institutional advisors, WPSG accepts fiduciary responsibility for our advice, and builds a workable investment policy conforming to your stated goals. After constructing the investment policy and asset allocation, we provide you with access to proven investment managers across the spectrum of major asset classes plus alternatives.

Our due diligence attracts non-proprietary institutional managers that are thoroughly examined by a team of analysts for inclusion in the ICS program. Once investments are added to your investment platform, they are continually reviewed and assessed to ensure they meet our standards.

Whether you choose a complete asset allocation strategy or select an investment for a specific asset class, you can be certain that the proposed solutions will be derived from a disciplined process that is focused on your specific objectives.

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