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Estate Planning

Securing Your Assets and Estate

You have an estate – it consists of everything you own, like your home and furnishings, bank accounts, investments, insurance, and other personal possessions. No matter the size of your estate, these statements always hold true:

  • You can’t take it with you.
  • Having a plan that includes who, what and when will minimize confusion, hassle and taxes.
  • Illness, legal battles and the IRS are potential risk to your estate.

With frequently changing estate tax laws, we’ll help protect what you’ve built, and continue to protect what you will accumulate in the future utilizing insurance, risk management strategies, trusts and estate planning.

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Create Peace of Mind for You and Your Family

For those wishing to give to charity or leave a legacy to future generations, we can help create a thoughtful, flexible estate plan with friendly trust accounts that direct your wealth according to your wishes. We will closely with your CPA and Attorney for tax and legal assistance, providing a comprehensive plan for all of your financial, insurance, business transition and estate planning needs.

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