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Alternative Investments

Going Beyond Traditional Stocks and Bonds

Investors and advisors alike seek to minimize risk through diversification. Yet, a well-diversified portfolio of core investments can still be unprotected from market risk. We seek to protect you against market risk by considering alternative investments, which may buffer the risk of stocks and bonds, and still provide the opportunity for positive returns.

Alternative Assets Are Not New

They have been utilized by institutions, endowments and high net worth clients for decades. Alternative strategies include:

  • Real Assets
  • Hedge Funds
  • Business Development Corps
  • Private Equity

Understanding Each Investment's Individual Characteristics

As we create your investment strategy, we address the unique risks attributed to each investment and ask these important questions:

  • How is volatility being addressed?

  • How will the investments fare in a crisis or extreme event (known as a tail event)?

  • What forms of alternative strategies are appropriate, given your risk level and objective?

Like stocks and bonds, alternatives are not all created equal. As global financial markets evolve and risk remains, alternative investment strategies may become a core component of your well thought-out portfolio.

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